Setting up your Email Accounts: Setting up an IMAP Mailbox in Windows 10 Mail

These instructions apply to Windows 10 Mail.

Step 1

Click the Start icon and select Mail from the menu.

 Start Menu

Step 2

  • The first time you open Windows 10 Mail, you will be prompted to add an account. Click the Add account button.
  • If you already have an email account set up click Settings, Accounts, Add an Account, then Advanced Setup to start the wizard.

Add Account

Step 3

Click the Advanced Setup icon. 

Advanced Setup

Step 4

Click Internet email.

Internet Email

Step 5

Enter the following details:

  • Account name: A name to identify your account, e.g.
  • Your name: The name that will be displayed in your messages.
  • Incoming email server: Enter
  • Account type: Select IMAP4.

IMAP Incoming

Step 6

Scroll down to fill out the rest of the details as below:

  • Username: Enter your email address, e.g.
  • Password: Enter your mailbox password which you have been given.
  • Outgoing (SMTP) email server: Enter
  • Outgoing server requires authentication: Checked.
  • User the same user name and password for sending email: Checked.
  • Require SSL for incoming mail: Checked.
  • Require SSL for outgoing mail: Checked.

Once completed, the screen should look similar to the following:


Step 7

Click Sign-in to set up your account and start using Windows 10 Mail. Windows 10 Mail is now set up to send and receive emails from your mailbox.



  • If you have trouble receiving any emails to this new mail account, then double check the spelling of all the fields you have entered.
  • If you have trouble sending any emails from this new mail account, then try either of the options in the step Check your Outgoing Server Authentication to see which works for your version of Outlook, and double check the spelling of all the fields you have entered.


  • If you have further problems, please contact your Support Advisor.